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I often have people tell me that they don't notice any difference when they take a multivitamin. I share with them that that does not mean the multivitamin is not doing them any good, but rather it is not their limiting factor. If an individual does not eat a balanced nutritional diet taking a multivitamin will not make a lot of difference. When people take a pharmaceutical drug they are taking it for a specific problem. If the problem goes away they perceive that the drug helped them. We typically take a multivitamin with the idea that it will prevent a disease. Because of this we may not feel any different even though the multivitamin may have strengthened our immune system. I have missed one day of work due to illness in the last 30 years. I believe lifestyle choices have been responsible for my health. If you are to graph your health you would find that there is a significant range between optimal health and where symptoms appear. There is research that would suggest that disease has a pretty good foothold before we are aware of the symptoms. In the range between optimal health and where symptoms appear there is a vast array of limiting factors. Even the best multivitamin will not overcome these limiting factors. Just to mention a few of these limiting factors would include, dehydration, lack of adequate rest, environmental toxins, and all kinds of stress. I find that the majority of people are in denial about their limiting factors. We tend to make excuses to justify our limiting factors. There is no part of our being that is separated from the whole body. For example if we have an emotional issue. It will impact us physically, socially, mentally, and spiritually. It is equally true that if we improve in any of these domains that it will have a positive effect on all the others. We don't often viewed taking good supplements as having an impact on anything other than our physical domain, but that is not true. Bill contacted me and wanted to know if I thought taking some good supplements we reduces headaches. After about a month he told me that he didn't think they are doing any good. As we visited about his lifestyle he shared that he drank a fair amount of diet drinks. As we talked more I learned that he stored his diet drinks on his back porch where they often became very warm. I shared with him that aspartame, a sweetener commonly used in diet drinks, has been known to disassociate into methyl alcohol in direct sunlight. One of the symptoms of methyl alcohol poisoning are headaches. Bill began to read labels and avoided foods that contain aspartame and his headaches went away. Good multivitamins were not able in his case to overcome the limiting factor of aspartame. Bill is a good example of why a lifestyle coach is beneficial. A few simple lifestyle changes can make a huge difference on your limiting factors. A good lifestyle coach will help you to know what to look for in good supplements. A good coach will help you be objective and reaching the goals of your life and a better quality of health.

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